Fitness Tracking And Dancing Guide

I have been having a great time tracking my fitness with my new Jawbone tracker. It has even helped me improve my dancing too! What is a fitness tracker you say? Heres the skinny:

There are a variety of sports activities that I engage in, such as swimming, dancing and cycling. But did you know that there are devices that can track your speed, efficiency and endurance level on a scale? The fitness tracker has been in existence since the early 1970s and has since evolved and modified to fit any athlete’s need.

DIY fitness is on the rise, and people are giving their very best to become champions, just like me :). Many athletes use triathlon watches to help them achieve endurance goals and reach the level of fitness they have been striving for.

Things I look for in a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers can be used in various sports such as swimming, and on the on the ground for instance while running and cycling. Therefore, it is important to mention that different devices are useful for different activities. Therefore, start by asking yourself, how water proof is your fitness tracker.

Since your fitness tracker is likely to be exposed to moisture, It would therefore be important to know the degree of `waterproofing` that your tracker offers. I recommend one that has an ATM of five or more as this will ensure your device is waterproof up to 5 meters.

Another critical factor to consider is GPS. GPS is useful for tracking your swimming and cycling speed as well as your distance traveled.

You also need a tracker that can record real-time statistics on time and speed to help truck on your performance and perhaps increase your speed. Also, a watch that shows vertical oscillation and ground contact will be useful in providing statistics for your speed,time and endurance.

While the triathlon watches can be worn day to day tracking purposes, I will give you the reviews for the best fitness trackers & watches to be used in swimming, cycling and running.

Here are my 2 favorite fitness trackers

Garmin is best known for the manufacturing of the best top rated sports and fitness tracking equipment. Some of these watches include:

Garmin Forerunner 920xt

Available in European, Japanese and American versioneachcoming in different colors and sizes.It can measure oscillation and ground contact. The swimming features of this triathlon watch measure swimming distance, stroke identification and adjustment, drill logging and resting.A highwaterproof rating which
makes it ideal for swimming longer. The watch comes with a VO” max estimator for telling you the amount of oxygen you are getting as you swim.

It’s making also offers a high waterproof property making it very efficient for swimming for a longer time You can even receivea text,an email,voice mail or a text through connecting it to your phone. This helps you to stay connected It is essential to track your training and share your progress with other people.The Garmin forerunner 920x gives you the necessary metrics that will help you excel.

Fitbit Alta

GPS enabled to track your speed and efficiency during your swimming, running or cycling.The battery has a long battery life hence you don’t have to worry about being disappointed at the middle of your activity You can be able to connect it to your phone and at the same receive notification from such things as Facebook,texts
messages and calls. This ensures that you remain connected and long alert with everything that is happening and at the same time be

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