My very first post!

Hey yall! Hah. I couldn’t figure out how to start my very first post so i decided on that. I know its kind of lame! But~! What to write about? Well i thought i would talk about my passion in life: something alternative health related. So today i think im going to cover naturopathy. What is naturopathy? ¬†Wikipedia defines naturopathy as “a alternative form of medicine that uses different treatments, such as herbalism, acupuncture, and diet/lifestyle changes.” I think this is pretty accurate. Basically naturopathy is a non traditional way to treat disease. It removes the emphasis on drugs and surgical procedures and¬†uses alternative supportive treatments that provide the body with the nutrients it needs to heal itself. I am currently studying to become a naturopathic doctor because i feel the western medicine model is lacking when it comes to true “cures”. Western medicine tends to treat the symptom of the disease and not the cause, unlike naturopthy which focuses on treating the cause and not the symptom. Additionally, pharmaceutical drugs tend to be highly toxic to the body and cause more problems than they solve.

Thats just a breif rundown of alternative medicine, to give you and idea. I feel that there is a supplement to replace any drug, personally. But I will save that for another post since its getting late and that’s all i have tome for right now! Well, good night yall!

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